In order to gain entry to the indoor event spaces at Alexandra Palace Fireworks Festival site all visitors aged 18 and over must be able to demonstrate their COVID-19 status by showing one of the following:

The indoor event spaces at the Festival are the Bier Festival and ice rink.

For visitors from overseas we will accept the NHS Covid Pass equivalent from your country of origin.

We recommend that you download your COVID Pass to your phone prior to your visit, to avoid any issues with accessing the internet once on site. If you don’t have a smart phone or can’t use the NHS app/website, then please call NHS 119 where you can arrange a paper COVID Pass to be sent to you.

We encourage people to wear masks when inside the venue, apart from when eating or drinking, and unless you are medically exempt.

These measures are in place to help everyone have as safe and as comfortable a visit as possible.

If you have any queries, please contact visitor.services@alexandrapalace.com ahead of the event to ensure your smooth entry into the Festival.